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IMU 2010

An exciting and big year, Intuitive Minds United  aka IMU was created!

The band started when Anne Catherine a solo acoustic artist and Paul Scott a jamming bass and guitar player from the band The Music Process, met one another at the annual 2010 Karmafest at Oregon Ridge Park in HuntValley, Maryland. Paul who carried an acoustic guitar around found himself lending his acoustic to Chris Mandra the guitarist from the band Telesma; an electronic band based out of Baltimore. Paul started free-styling to the musical guitar rhythms by Chris. Anne couldn’t help but notice the realness in the music and joined in with Paul’s freestyles. After the Jams, Mikey from the band Freedom Enterprise kept insisting that Paul and Anne collaborate their talents. Both Paul and Anne could not have agreed more with Mikey and started the band Intuitive Minds United: I.M.U.


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