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IMU 2014

At the end of 2013 going into 2014 IMU decided firmly to go back into their roots and dive deep into their music going back to what IMU stands for, Deciding to take it out to the streets to the people. Stripping the music raw to just acoustic guitar, vocals and beat boxing. To find the true reaction of just the passer by. Every where they went as a band, they encouraged those to follow their dreams. If they wanted to be a performer they invited them to the microphone to sing.  If they wanted to be a writer they asked them to read poetry as IMU played or they sang their writings. If they are an artist they encourage a master piece in the making. If they wanted to just smile and be happy, they performed to allow them to dance.

Traveling from Baltimore, Ocean City, Charleston and Folly beach South Carolina all the way to the mountains of Ashville, North Carolina back to Baltimore. Networking has been such a blast.

Coming back with the New Year ahead, IMU started their own studio and working hard to producing their own music. As well as working with other local creative artist and collaborating. As 2014 started to come to an end they were blessed to welcome two new members to the rhythm section, becoming a 4 piece band.

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