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IMU released their first studio cd Album in December 2016. You can now purchase it on iTunes

IMU released their first official studio recorded song titled ‘Music on my Mind’  off that album in late September 2016.


IMU spent most of the early part of the year until April at Buzz Lounge Studio recording, editing, and mastering our 1st CD. containing 7 songs. “Shout outs to the extremely cool producer and musician Eric Taft, could not have accomplished this without you.”

They performed more shows through out the year than any other years prior, which has been soul rewarding. And are excited about how many fans want our CD and soon to come T-Shirts and other merch.

Yes thats right IMU is bringing some custom Homemade tshirts rocking the theme of the upcoming album art. Life , Love, Rock.  Before graduating to screen print.  We look forward to sharing our awesome art with your awesome people.  Buy them for your self, for a friend or a family member. IMU is excited for whats happened this year.



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