About Us

Intuitive Minds United

better known as


Founded in 2010.

Based out of Baltimore, Maryland area.

Conscious, Uplifting Music for the World

Members; Anne Catherine and Paul Scott;  Two/Singer songwriters who collaborate creating a soulful acoustic and a bass beat jammer, the two together aims for happiness and unity and they bring a full abundant uplifting sound. They are a group of talented artist that love sharing and collaborating IMUmusic with individuals of all styles.  Motivating, inspiring, and living the dream.

          THE ARTISTS:

Anne Catherine: A soulful Singer/songwriter whom pours out her heart in everything she does. Music is a universal language,  its all about the message.  Where the drive is love, happiness, and dreams ruling life more than money, and attitude is everything. Vocals, Bass

Paul Scott: A witty singer songwriter, who kills it when slapping the bass pulls inspiration from his  ska, funk, rock n roll influences. He writes his music with the hopes of inspiring fans to follows their dreams.    Vocals, Guitar

Together they write, compose and create conscious, uplifting music, aiming to raise awareness of unity through messages based on life, love and rock and roll.  Also, representing some writings from other talented artists.  I.M.U. music collaboration is filled of consciousness and musical talents to spread the message of being who you are, loving yourself with up most respect, and uniting together no matter what the differences. Aiming to making better futures through good vibes and conscious words.

I.M.U. focuses on a positive message that is bigger than the words, and the feelings the music expresses to you.  It’s about having a vision, a dream, and never giving up.  Keeping your dreams alive.  Not settling your true souls desire for anything else.  “Equality, by our self, we are one. Together we are a unit. As that unit we procreate awesomeness among the human race.  We motivate and we drive each individual to be better than they are.  We encourage people to share their talents and to push down the negatives that come around.” – P.S.